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Welcome to the Maze!  Here you will find review podcasts for many of your school subjects!  Click on the Subjects tab and explore the full list of topics! 

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Podcasts are a great way to review...

This site was created by Sue Palmer, a high school social studies teacher.  Sue won the NYSCATE 2008 Lee Bryant Outstanding Technologist Award for her use of podcasting and technology in her classroom!   You can do it too! Wink 

See the WIKI page on this site for tips and tools for teaching with technology!

Age of Imperialism

Review the Age of Imperialism!

Age of Democracy

Listen and review the beginning of the Age of Democracy!

Industrial Revolution

Listen and review the Industrial Revolution! Smile

Nationalist Revolutions

Many new nationalist movements and revolutions begin during this period! Kiss

French Revolution Part 2

How does the story end?  Listen!  Cool

French Revolution Part 1

Review key facts concerning the French Revolution!

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